Clean functions

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Clean functions

Presentation by @JeroenDeDauw

Function size and naming

How big should a function be?

  1. It should be SMALL
  2. It should be SMALLER than that

A function should do one thing.
It should do it well, and it should do it only.

4 - 5 lines

What is "one thing"?

One level of abstraction

function onFirstPost() {
    $messageText = $this->getWelcomeMessageBody();
    if ($this->addFooter()) $messageText.=$this->getWelcomeMessageFooter();
    $this->emailer->send( $messageText );
    foreach ( $this->getReviewers() as $reviewer ) {
         $this->reviewerNotifier->notify( $reviewer );

function onFirstPost() {

Predicates of if and while statements

if ( $foo === 'bar' && ( $user->isAllowed( '' ) || $baz )
    && $this->bah() ) {

if ( $this->isFirstPost() ) {

Bodies of control structures

if ( $this->isFirstPost() ) {

foreach ( $this->getReviewers() as $reviewer ) {
    $this->notifyReviewer( $reviewer );

How much indenting / nesting?

Name length rule


function remove() {
    // ...
    // ...

Well written prose

if ( $this->isFirstPost() ) {

function notifyReviewers() {
    foreach ( $this->reviewers as $reviewer ) {
        $reviewer->notify( $this->post );

Big functions

  • Have multiple functional areas
  • Functions define scopes
  • Have variables used throughout
  • That is what classes are for
  • Group of functions that use a common set of variables

Panic! Lots of small functions!

  • Function call overhead
  • Long time to write all those functions


Well named methods, classes and namespaces act like signposts

So what makes small functions unsettling?

The landscape metaphor

Long functions are familiar.
Like landscapes, we recognize the landmarks

New people

  • Do not recognize anything
  • Can only start wandering around aimlessly

New people + signposts

  • Establish themselves quickly
  • Start being productive fast

The bedroom metaphor

  • Everything lying around at some place well known to you
  • Mom gets upset and forces you to clean room
  • You rebel and put things back
  • Part of growing up is realizing this does not work in teams

Call time overhead

  • Nanosecond
  • Compilers are good at optimizing
  • Time better spend on real performance issues
I'm sorry I had to write you such a long letter,
but I did not have time to write you a short one

-- Blaise Pascal

  • Takes time and effort
  • Places burden of breaking down on ALL readers
  • You are a reader as well

Example from gerrit

Function arguments

How many?

  • Ideally none, the fewer the better
  • Arguments are hard to understand
  • More then 3 requires very special justification

Flag arguments

Make functions do multiple things!

                            renderHtml( true );

function renderHtml( $userIsLoggedIn ) {
    // ...
    if ( $userIsLoggedIn ) {
        // ...
    // ...

function renderHtmlForLoggedInUser() {


function renderHtmlForAnonUser() {



Argument objects

function drawCircle( $x, $y, $radius ) {}

function drawCircle( Point $center, $radius ) {}

Output arguments

appendFooter( $report );


Side effects

Either do something OR answer something, not both!

public boolean set( String attributeName, String value );

if ( set( "username", "NyanCat" ) )

Same for returning error codes. Error handling is one thing.


  • Small!
  • Small well named functions act like signposts
  • Classes hide in big functions
  • Functions do one thing, extract till you drop
  • Minimize arguments
  • Command query separation

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